Software Editor and ERP Provider

NSD is a software engineering company, it’s editor of a wide range of software from simple systems to huge systems (ERP) for business management in both sectors, public and private. NSD AMIRESTO System is a powerful restaurant management system (POS).

In order to allow its clients to control and optimize their business process by taking advantage of latest business practice rules included on NSD Systems, NSD offers to its client excellent products and all related services (design, development, implementation and maintenance…. etc.).

Thus, through its major and complementary activities, Business Consulting and Software Edition and its strong background as well as high qualified people, NSD serves and provides to its clients, best services and best systems.

In order to be active and be involved in the increased efforts to economic growth, companies focus on the latest technology and the latest management rules allowing them to perform and optimize their business processes in order to compete and grow in a dynamic economy where the computing tools and especially a preferment software like NSD systems becomes the key factor of success.

NSD Credential

NSD is one of the largest Software Editor company and provider of a worldwide range of information technology services.

During more than 12 years, NSD, played a major role in term of business consulting,

Present on the market of Middle East, NSD Provided and realized a strategic Projects in both sectors Private and Public. Our ambition is to be the LEADER IN THE MIDDLE EAST market.

PROVIDING : 1- An integrated Solution NSD ERP SYSTEM and complete range of Software destiny to the Medium and huge companies.

NSD CMS : Cars Management System (Customizing System) - NSD MOM: Monitor Management System (Internet Cafe System) - NSD CLM : Clinic Management System (Customizing System) - NSD BCS : Business Controlling System which includes the Warehouse Management System, the Inventory System, the Point of Sale System (Customizing System) - And NSDBS : The NSD Hotspot System allowing you to be in touch and to allow your customers and employees to be in touch with the world (Customizing System) - All of the above software are client server systems and based on the ORACLE and SQLSERVER Data Base.

2- Business Consulting and Networking Services as: Business Consulting - Maintenance And Support - Training Services for Power & End Users - NSD Development and System Integration - Architecture And Operations Planning - NSD Implementation Services - Human Capital Consulting

NSD is, also, one of the largest global professional services Company. Our international resources enable us to deliver a consistent level of quality from one country to another.

All of our offices and people, wherever they are located, practice under common professional, ethical and independence standards. We utilize common methodologies that integrate risk analysis and business analysis with statistical techniques and computer tools. Throughout the world, we use the same sophisticated and innovative approaches and state of the art technology.

For more than one decade from hard work, which give us a very high technical level and which had made of us one of the pioneer company in the sector of Information Technology and Business Consulting. The name of NSD become today the same as for Excellency and high quality in every project we do, or any product we create or we improve.